Dark Slide Keeper for Hasselblad A12 Film Back

Horse Racing Performace Tracker Enclosure

Secure Wall Plinth for IT Device Mounting

Aluminium Extrusion Base IT Device Enclosure

Viva & Nova Desktop Power Solutions

STAK Minimalist Wallet

UK Power Outlet “Jelly Bean” Concept

High-End Geophysical Test Equipment Case Panel and Screen Bezal

UK Fused Power Outlet and Silicone Bumper

Optalert, Drowsiness Detection Glasses, USB Interface

Fixed Wireless Terminal Enclosure

Hand Held Electrical Test Device – Silicone Bumper

A1 Composites, El Bandito F3T/Q40 High Performance Pylon Racing Aircraft

UK GPO Desk-Mounted Power Rail

A1 Composites, Vector F3D High Performance Pylon Racing Aircraft