Injection Moulding Design

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85% of all the parts designed at SCAD design are to be manufactured by injection moulding.

For any sort of medium to high-volume manufacturing of plastics, injection moulding is still the most cost-effective way to go.

Unlike 3D printed parts, injection moulded parts have many technical requirements that need to be met to enable a part to be manufactured this way.

It has become evident that there is an increasing lack of this design knowledge in the field. Most parts that come across our desk from 3rd parties have many technical issues and in some circumstances, CAN NOT physically be manufactured this way.

Fear not! We at SCAD Design have over 30 years of experience designing injection moulded components.

To help you have the confidence that your parts aren’t going to face major revisions or a complete redesign once they have been released for tooling, we have 3 levels of service to offer.


  1. Quick Design Review
    Is this part suitable for manufacture – YES or NO with the issues described?
  2. Design Revision
    We take your design and implement changes that will make it manufacturing-ready.
  3. Design from Scratch
    We design your parts ensuring that they are manufacturing-ready when released for tooling.

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