Surface Modeling – El Bandito – F3T/Q4 Pylon Racer

Completed kit moulded in glass and carbon fibre including in mould painted graphic for superb surface finish and quality.

This is a purpose designed and built high performance, full composite model pylon racing aircraft that is sold nationally and internationally. Pylon racing is the flying around a triangular course  10 times, a distance of 4 kms at speeds approaching 3oo kph.

This class of racing aircraft conforms to a strict set of rules , QM40 in the USA and F3T in Europe and elsewhere. The model design has to be approved by the relevant ruling body for competition and are of a semi scale representation of a real full size racing aircraft. These planes have a 6.5cc engine and rev at around 26,000 RPM.

SCAD Designs involvement

We became involved with this project for A1 Composite right from the start once they had selected the original aircraft that this would be based on. We took the original 3 view drawings and photographs and started adapting this original design to the Q40/F3T specifications.

The CAD work on this project was 95% pure surface modeling right from the wing and tail designs through to the fuselage.

SCAD Design worked closely with A1 Composites on this design to eventually satisfy all involved parts and came up with sleek and elegant designed aircraft that will perform and look the goods.

Aluminium Wing Moulds

Fuselage Plug

SCAD Design also designed and supplied wings mould tooling and the fuselage positive plug for mould creation by A1 Composites.

I think you would agree, that this is a good looking model and we look forward to the proof of its performance in the heat of competition.

SCAD Design’s Competencies:

CAD Assembly Model - SolidWorks

– Complex surface modeling (using SolidWorks).
– Mould tool design and manufacture.
– Conformance to standards, rules and specifications.
– Digital photo-realistic renderings.

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