Super Fast Winglets

Winglet kit - all packaged up

Remote control aircraft racing around a triangular course in-excess of 350 kph is what’s called pylon racing. This is based on the full-size equivalent that is most notably flown in Reno, Nevada, at the Reno Air Races.

The 2 premier speed classes flown at these incredible speeds are F5D (electric motor) & F3D  (internal combustion engines).

With the advances in radio controlled transmitters and receivers, there is no longer a need for the long antennas of the past. Modern 2.4GHz receivers only have 2 very short antennas that are typically installed inside the aircraft’s fuselage.

With carbon fibre being extensively utilized in these type of high performance aircraft, it is not possible to install receiver antennas internally due to it’s shielding affect.

This is where SCAD Design has come to the rescue. We have been helping the Australian F5D pylon racing team by designing and manufacturing an antenna mounting winglet which allows antenna to be installed to the fuselage externally and maintain integrity of reception.

Installation diagrams - Packaging, instructions and diagrams also created as part of this project

The benefits of using these winglets are:

– Allows external mounting of antennas to carbon fibre fuselages.
– Has a low drag aerofoil profile.
– Antennas don’t flap in the wind; when models are flying in excess of 350kph, this can cause high frequency fatigue and damage, leading to reduced or even total loss of reception.
– Antennas are maintained at the required 90 degrees alignment to each other for most effective reception.
– Antenna coaxial cable is held firmly, avoiding the possibility of it falling into the fuselage and being shielded by carbon fibre.
– Ease of installation with supplied drill templates, internal mount plug and coaxial cable retention sleeve. CA or 5 minute epoxy glues are required to complete installation.
– Last but not least, they look COOL!

SCAD Design designed, manufactured and kitted this product in 6 weeks. Winglet kits can be purchased from direct or will soon be available from several retail outlets.
SCAD Design & SCADAERO Model Aviation products – Proudly supporting the Australian F5D Pylon Racing Team.