STAK Minimalist Wallet

As a design business, from time to time when we’re not designing awesome products for our clients, we can have an idea that feels has real merit and we must go along and develop it for ourselves.

The STAK Wallet was born out of the personal frustration with the traditional bulky wallet.

The STAK Wallet with US Dollars plus a Long Black Coffee on a rustic wooden table
The STAK Wallet and a nice Long Black. Perfect companions!

We thought about what we really need to carry around for day to day use. After a brief fossick through our own wallets, we found that only 2 to 4 cards and a small amount of cash were needed on a regular basis.

Lots of design concepts and 3D prints later, the first of what is now the STAK Minimalist Wallet was produced. Since that day in the middle of 2015, Real life testing and refinement of the STAK Wallet has been carried out. 

The STAK Wallet is made up of a compartment for cards that have a positive method of retaining them, so they won’t just fall out and get lost. Similarly, the cash is held in a tri-fold money clip arrangement contained within the wallet. All this plus a compact size, ease and comfort of use and beautiful styling.

The STAK Minimalist Wallet was launched and made available for sale in May 2018 and can be viewed and purchased at