UK18 Range

This product development was the creation of a British Standard (BS) General Power Outlet (GPO), packaged into an existing product style. The complications involved with designing this, was the addition of a user-changeable fuse mechanism that conforms to BS electrical safety standards. In another version of the product (not pictured here), a switch mechanism was also integrated into the product.

A lot of work goes into the design of the conductor metalwork to maintain correct creepage and clearance distances, minimize material  (and wastage) used and at maximum load, keep temperatures to a minimum. This sort of product requires an intimate understanding of the standards which govern approval and user safety.

Not only did we do all the moulded plastics and pressed sheet-metal development and detailing, but this project also incorporated a great deal of temperature load testing and material research.
At SCAD Design, we pride ourselves on developing products that meet our customer’s requirements, function properly and are easily manufacturerable.