Control your design

“Don’t let your supplier control your IP”.

There is a growing trend these days for companies to have products manufactured for them by a third-party manufacturer, often based in Asia. Sometimes the design has been developed partly or wholly by the manufacturer.

The design brief to the suppler often goes something like this:
We want a product like this (example shown) but does this and is, this size and needs to look different.

Sometime later, often after considerable to-ing and fro-ing, you achieve a product that you are happy to sell.Take back control of your products

Some questions you should ask yourself:

– What’s the specification of material being used? Is it always the same material and in the case of plastic mouldings, what’s the maximum regrind being used in the production run?

– What are the critical details to ensure the successful function of this product and how is it being controlled? Will you be told if there is a change or variation to the product? This item may affect your ability to consistently conform to the relevant regulatory requirements for your product (eg. Electrical Approvals).

– What happens if your supplier disappears overnight and you need an alternate one? This is the biggy that could sink your business!

These are all reasons for having your product design and specifications controlled by you. Using a reputable designer to help you with the development, detailing and documentation of your products is a good way to ensure that you can communicate your requirements to the supplier and to ensure the quality of the products that you are putting out into the market.

Good designers can listen to your brief and through the design process, develop a product that not only meets your requirements, but exceeds your expectations, giving you an innovative, quality product to set you apart from the masses.

Talk to us at SCAD Design if you have a need to take back control of your products.
We can help you reverse engineer your existing products and establish high quality design documentation or have SCAD Design, design the product you want rather than what your supplier wants to give you.